Heal Your Hormones with Jing Herbs Since Balanced Hormones Improve Everything

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did you know that women in China who use (traditional) Chinese Herbs have much less PMS and menopause symptoms than we do here in the West?

They tend to have much healthier profiles compared to North America, and (the women especially) seem to be brimming with love, vitality and youth. I want some of that!

To heal our health symptoms and achieve optimal health, let’s start learning from people who are healthy… make sense?

Look if you are doubtful or hesitant about Chinese herbalism I get it since I never dreamed I’d be using Chinese herbs… but I get results and I know they are safe and have no side effects like traditional hormone solutions do.

That’s enough proof for me… what about you?

How to find out more?

It just takes a few minutes when you go to the pages below and discover safe solutions to hormone imbalances you are likely experiencing.

PMS relief:

The page above shows you how to:

  • Normalize your Menstrual Cycle
  • Control/Ease Pain
  • Reduce Cramping and Bloating
  • Stabilize Mood

PMS kit 1  <<=== Click the link for a 10% discount

PMS kit 2  <<=== Click the blue link for a 10% discount

You need PMS Kit 2 (see above link) ) if you experience the following symptoms with your cycle:

excessive bleeding,

feelings of internal heat,

feverish sensations,

night sweats,

or are in peri-menopause,

then, you need PMS Kit 2 .

PMS kit 2  <<=== Click the link for a 10% discount

For hot flashes and menopause:

Menopause and the correct herbal healing kit is below. Here’s how it works.

  • The heat symptoms (night sweats and hot flashes) come from what the Chinese call a Yin deficiency. Very simply, that means there is not enough cooling energy in the body. This kit solves that.
  • The mood swings come from a hormonal imbalance.
  • The dryness originates from the internal heat burning off internal fluids.

Get this kit below and start feeling better like I have.

Menopause & Hot Flash Kit  <<=== Click the link for 10% discount

Three Sisters: ideal for All women, those with dry eyes and skin, dry issues related to menopause – great for youth and longevity

Three Sisters for dryness  <<=== Click the link for 10% discount

Balance your hormones and you have your life back. Please don’t live with unpleasant health symptoms that can be resolved naturally. Go to the pages above and discover how to safely solve your hormonal imbalances.

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