This 1 common mistake leads to weight gain and other serious health issues (not what you think)

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

 This common overlooked mistake could be why you are not healthy and why you cannot lose weight.

This topic of “sleep” is a thorny one for me since I have had sleep problems in the past that prevented me from sleeping deeply like I wanted to. I have good sleep solutions now, but I believe getting enough sleep is a critical missing part for most people. Lack of sleep is preventing so many of you from good physical and even good mental health—not to mention weight loss and disease prevention.

Now experts like Dr. Mercola tell us that one of the most common mistakes is to discount sleep as a factor in health, weight loss, and just in general… By discount I mean that many do not think it’s important to make sleep an important priority.

What about you? Are you chronically sleep deprived? Is this by choice, or because of a sleep disorder?

Maybe you have a new baby, or, like my husband, he gests little sleep during the week since he must leave the house early to catch his vanpool for his long commute to his job…

Some circumstances create sleep deprivation:

Perhaps you work the night shift, or, your work requires a rotating shift schedule.

Some people stay up late surfing the net, watching TV, or catching up on projects due for work or school.

What ever your situation this information from

Is something to take seriously.

Experts tell us that our sleep plays an important role in our weight, and in our chances of developing serious health issues.

Personally I use a natural solution called Melatonin and I find that this helps me get the good sleep I need.

But my husband is forced to get between 5 and six hours of sleep during the week which, according to most experts is not ideal.

However, here’s the good news… The most crucial time to be asleep is from 10:00 PM. to 12:00 midnight since this is the time when the liver is doing most of it’s major magic…detoxifying and renewing the body.

Thankfully, Jim is usually asleep during this time period.

What about you?

What is your sleep pattern?

Is there room for changes and improvement in the amount of sleep you are getting?

Are you a night owl by choice?

Do you work the night shift?

Does your baby/child keep you up nights?

Check out this important article by

And discover some great tips to correct your sleep and truly take control of your health.

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