It’s Time to Calm Down, Not Slow Down

“You don’t stop playing because you get old.

You get old because you stop playing.”

by George Bernard Shaw

If you want to slow down, go ahead, that’s fine. But, when we calm down, this is when amazing things can really start to happen. Have you noticed this?

Calm is the key to more health, wealth and wellness.

I think most of us over 40 (certainly over 50) realize this amazing truth, but let’s really talk about calming down and dig deeper in to this important issue. And let’s see where you are in this process, okay?

I’m noticing that there’s a deep rethinking  of so many things in my life. I’m calming down and rethinking my old ways. When you calm down you start to reprioritize many things in your life. I mean – not everything can be important, right? Time is precious and I say let’s focus on the absolute more important things, people we care about and activities that are really truly productive.

Check your attitude

Now it’s time to be much more discriminating in everything you do, think or say.

Haven’t you noticed yourself doing this? It’s a great idea to start getting smart about the kind of food you eat, the kind of clothes you choose to wear, the kind of exercise you do. And, finally, the most important rethinking is to get smart about the kind of ATTITUDE you have towards yourself and towards others…

This whole calming down and rethinking and reprioritizing is like house cleaning on the inside… When its all done you will feel so fantastic!

I think most of us get this intuitively, but it’s great to talk about it openly and realize that others are thinking the same thing.

What and who is hanging around?


I tell people it’s time to get wise about who you hang around with and what your living and work situation is… Look, your environment and with whom you interact is soooo important and if you can change this for the better, do it!

It’s time to start deep breathing and meditating. It’s time to calm the nerves instead of the constant fight or flight frenzies.

Calming down will help you do more since you will stay well, have more energy, have more focus, and you will attract all the right things and people when you are calm.

If you want to learn more about safe supplements that are natural and necessary for good health, I recommend Dr Carolyn Dean’s wellness information.

Future health 

constant fight or flight frenzies.

More focus, and you will attract all the right things and people when you are calm.


So, what changes are you making now that you are older? Are you consciously making decisions like making new priorities, earning taking yoga, learning to do deep breathing.

Tell me now in the comments.

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2 comments on “It’s Time to Calm Down, Not Slow Down

  1. Sheena on said:

    I’ve noticed that after getting married and having children family is more important than anything. I have rethought so many things now that I’m responsible for children and keeping a home.

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