Some People Wait Their Whole Lifetime…

“Something I learned early is to not worry about what I can’t control…But what I can control is my attitude, my effort, and my focus every single day.” – Tim Tebow

Discover how to love and enjoy your life right now… before it’s too late!


Waiting for what?

Well actually that’s exactly my point. Some people really do spend their whole lifetime waiting to enjoy and appreciate the life that is given to them. Some people, consciously, or unconsciously decide that their life cannot be enjoyed if they are still fat… There is no enjoyment of life until they have the right amount of money… or have the right mate… or have the right house… whatever – fill in the blank…

We all know this is true, but I thought it would be helpful to bring this up… Lately I spend about 45 minutes every evening distressing and meditating and last evening I got this strong message about “waiting”.

Now look, waiting and being patient is one thing. But I’m talking about waiting to love and enjoy your life. Loving and enjoying your life is an important decision. Life will never be perfect, so why not love the whole mess right now?

Living your life and being content with your life right now is something we all need to cultivate. Why? Because, this life is not perfect and we intuitively know it could be better. Plus, we think we are the only ones who have crap happen to us.


If you think you are the only one who gets problems and crap handed to you, please, kill that notion. You are not alone in getting a bit beat up by life.

Easy fix to wait to love your life:

The key to dealing with the junk that comes along is to literally spend every day doing what your grandmother told you to do.

She told you to “count your blessings”.

She was right. Now, let’s do that.

Every single one of us can see goodness in our lives. Let’s do everything we can to focus on the good things in our lives. Write them down. Tell your mate about the good things you are sharing together. Tell your children the good things they do. Look in the mirror and tell yourself the good things. We need to focus on the good things as a way to increase our love and happiness and enjoyment of life.

This is just a start, but it’s where we all must start if we don’t’ want to get to the end of our lives and realize that we have not enjoyed the journey.

Here’s a beautiful resource that will give you more important keys to help you love and
enjoy your life right now.


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What is one thing that is keeping you from loving and enjoying your life?

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One comment on “Some People Wait Their Whole Lifetime…

  1. Sheena on said:

    My big thing is not having enough time. Before I know it the week is gone by and I’ve had no time for me. Yet I love my children so much and love my husband very much. This topic will make me think.

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