Research shows: World’s Best drug to prevent diabetes, aging, weight gain, everything

“I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children.” ~Sting


First, let me ask you…

Have you noticed that it is thought of as “normal” to get sick as we age?

If you listen between the lines, you will hear this underlying attitude about health, aging, etc…

Think about this.

When we hear about someone over 40 on medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies… or if those we know are overweight (if not obese) most people don’t question this.

Hey, it’s “normal,” right?

Your older siblings are getting sick. Your mom and dad are sick or gone. Your aunts and uncles are sick. Even celebs get sick as they age.

I say throw that paradigm out the window and let’s do our best to combat the so-called “norm!”

Personally this typical disease-prone lifestyle is not something I will accept or subscribe to, and if you are still reading this, you likely won’t either.

The one lifestyle step that prevents so-called age-related health issues:

What is it?

It’s something we already know about…


Researchers now know that regular exercise helps normalize so many important hormones and chemicals in the body…

Exercise helps with your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing their receptor sensitivity. This is a huge factor in your health and how you age…

In fact, optimizing all these chemicals is one of the most important factors for optimizing your overall health. Period.

Exercise yes, but listen to this…

Research now knows that too much sitting is detrimental to health.treadmill

Compelling evidence also suggests that even if you exercise regularly, prolonged sitting (as in watching hours of TV, long commutes, etc.) is itself a risk factor for chronic disease and reduced lifespan. Standing up at regular intervals throughout the day can effectively counteract such ill effects.

Just stand up as much as possible at work, at your desk. Stand up to get water, walk around the house or building, and get creative.

Take away message:

If you want to stay healthy as you age and stay away from medication… move a little bit every day.

Walk, workout, ride your bike, play with the kids, do yoga, do something!

Look, be amazed that we have a simple lifestyle activity (exercise) that anyone can do to improve health and aging.

And, don’t sit too much. Instead of 2 hours of TV, get up during the commercial. Stretch, walk around. Sitting too much is our enemy as much as too little exercise.

As you know, exercise affects your entire body—from head to toe—in beneficial ways. This includes changes in your muscles, lungs, heart, joints, bones, and brain.

No drug or medication can do that – not even close…

… so, let’s go do it!

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2 comments on “Research shows: World’s Best drug to prevent diabetes, aging, weight gain, everything

  1. Jannell on said:

    Kathy, this is so interesting. I do know so many people who are always sick. Even their kids are always sick. Perhaps we have all become way too sedentary. This motivates me to do more movement. Thank you.

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