Overnight Success and/or the Lack of it is Killing you!

“It’s not what happens to us, but our response to what happens to us that hurts us.”.

~Stephen R. Covey

You feel like a loser because no matter what diet you use, others seem to get to their goal weight – but not you.

Others seem to be able to heal their health instantly with the new supplement on the block – but not you!

Other seems to get their blog noticed and seem to have millions of readers – but, NOT you.

And others seem to make that six-figure income in their pajamas – how are they doing it? (not happening here)!

Comparing yourself to the “overnight” success of others is killing you!

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Lately it’s easy for me to feel like a loser when I compare myself to the “overnight” success of certain online bloggers/businesses…

… or, so it seems that they are succeeding overnight…

Look, this is a common issue.

In fact, a popular highly read blog run by

Leslie Samuel

teaches us that the concept of

overnight success will kill your motivation to persevere.

By the end of this article, you’ll see how to be a true winner in any endeavor that is important to you…

… and why the common “comparing game makes us a permanent loser… trapped and going no where…

The trickiest trap in life to avoid:

My own overnight success trap/story starts a couple of weeks ago while reading my emails. I came across another one of those “overnight” online success stories… J

You likely know the kind I’m talking about…

… this time it was a success story featuring a young girl in her twenties… and she did it without a subscriber list, without a blog, without tons of social media connections – without any effort. (or so it seemed)

Okay I know that this is marketing to get me to sign up for the webinar in which there was her “how-to” product to buy.

… I know that… but, here I am, struggling for a couple of years with not a lot of traction.

… And I felt the old sinking feeling of devaluing who I am and what I have to offer.

Sound familiar?

Look, the truth is you and I are profoundly worthy of success – whether we feel worthy or not.

Problem is we tend to judge our worthiness on our outer success… how many blog visitors… how many comments, how many Facebook followers, how much we make, etc.

For success, reveal yourself – flaws and all.

As a side note… I’m coming to the realization that sometimes success can happen when we reveal our personal life challenges, or our so-called flaws… (when it’s appropriate)

Basically, just be yourself.

My big life challenge is that I’ve been totally blind since age two—yet I feel very thankful for being able to overcome my blindness. Frankly, being blind is not a big deal to me… it’s the least of my problems.

Most people are highly inspired by who I am and the strength and courage I show every day.

If you were blind, would you try riding a bike?

Check out how to overcome barriers to a happy healthy life in this 2-minute video as I risk life and limb.


But, I fall prey to bad habits just like everyone else.

While reading that overnight success email, all I could think about was here I am, a good 20 years older than this girl and she is flying high… helping others, inspiring others, rubbing elbows with the elite online marketers… and yes, she appears to make a good income… Waaa, waaa, waaa…

Can you hear and see the pity party I got going? See how comparing ourselves places us smack dab in to “victim” status?

Her online success story and her unique profile doesn’t cancel me out… it doesn’t mean my story and my profile is less worthy.

Comparing ourselves is an all-too-easy trap to catch us up and keep us STUCK! And it keeps us spinning our wheels instead of moving forward.

Plus, it’s not fair to ourselves, or even to them. We do not know their story and how long it took them to reach their success goals.

Besides, I’ve never been motivated to do more by feeling less than. Have you?

I’ve never been inspired to reach higher by putting myself in the one-down position… Never!

Social media makes us sometimes feel worse:

In this age of instant information with social media, smart phones, countless TV and cable channels on demand… We’re now privy to the intimate details of people’s lives which make it sooooo easy to play the comparison game.


The good news:

You’re not alone, and no one is immune to this comparison game… (not even the super successful)

Listen to this… Later that day I read another email that made me feel like I wasn’t alone and showed me that I need to be happy and content about where I am… right now.

This particular uplifting email was directly from a super successful person that you likely know of, and she freely admitted to playing this comparison game.

I mean she’s a best-selling author… an international speaker, and really huge in the personal development field…

Wow! I was impressed at her willingness to be so open and vulnerable with her readers…

Experts tell us that there is only one thing to compare and compete against… Ourselves… and to our past performances and past behaviors.

If you were to really ask yourself to look back at whom you were a year ago… 2 years ago… Ten years ago? You would see progress.

Each one of us has come a long way.

And when we ask ourselves if we are kinder to others. Give more to others. Want to help others more than we did in the past?

Likely your answer would be yes, and yes.

None of us are “there” yet… Every single one of us is a work in progress. But, we are much further along than we were yesterday, last year, etc.

You and I are okay right now… in this moment. And this is darn good enough!

Now it’s your turn. In your life right now, what is keeping you feeling STUCK, and less than?

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2 comments on “Overnight Success and/or the Lack of it is Killing you!

  1. Suzann on said:

    I’m glad you are writing about this. It seems everyone else does so much better, or so much worse. It’s hard to be objective about how I’m doing in life. This will make me think. Thanks.

    • By Kathy on said:

      Dear Suzann. Good. Your reaction is a good place to start. In fact, that is the point. We all must start where we are at the time. And be happy and unjudgemental about where we are. If we want to improve, we can only focus on ourselves and improve there step by step at our own pace and in our own time. After all, the tortoise always wins the race. Good luck and keep us posted.

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