This Kind of Movement is as Essential as Eating!

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise saves it and preserves it.” – Plato

An hour a day does not keep the doctor away:

Did you know that having that highly regarded ripped body will not get you the health and longevity you want?

No doubt someone with a toned body with a six-pack will look really fit in person, but shockingly, this kind of fitness does not always earn you automatic protection against age-related health issues.

Read on to find out what really gets you into old age with super health, and with a body devoid of bone loss, arthritis, etc. And, it doesn’t mean you have to run 10 miles a day, do cross fit, or be under 10% body fat either – thank God.


Exercise and health-promoting movement is not necessarily the same thing:

biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman says

that exercise like running, and all organized gym classes are not enough of the “right” movement to truly promote health and longevity.

Although I used to be a super exercise fanatic, I am no longer “working out” as much as I used to…

…. And sometimes I feel guilty about that.

But then I get back to reality by reading what Katy Bowman has to say about the right kind of movement my body really needs.

What I’m learning to do is incorporate certain “healthy” physical movement into my day… and put in some organized walks, sprints, or indoor cycle classes as well.

Katy Bowman from The Restorative Exercise™ Institute

teaches that if you love certain exercises like running, swimming, cycling, dance, this is fantastic.


The wrong-headedness about exercise as a daily supplement:

618_348_exercise-linked-to-rise-in-sperm-countWe are used to the idea of the health benefits of taking our daily vitamins and supplements, right?

That’s okay for choking down vitamins, but not adequate when it comes to truly engaging in healthy movement in relationship to our environment all day.

The fact is that modern man has mistakenly taken the wise idea to move and made exercise into an encapsulated amount of time/duration. We have fit exercise into a certain level of intensity, and we have encapsulated exercise into a specific place (usually the gym) and once it’s done, we think we can relax and stop moving!

I used to do this. Take my daily exercise “supplement” which means my hour exercise class and boom! Fixed up and set for the day – now I can coast.

Sound familiar?

After our daily dose of exercise some people then decide they can treat themselves with special treats or more food… or after our daily dose of exercise is over feel okay about lounging around all day on the couch.

“Hey, I did my work out!” “Now, I can relax, have that extra dessert, and feel okay about sitting around the house watching TV…”

Is this you?

Katy tells us that when you look at the time we “workout” this is a tiny percent of the time we are awake. What are we doing the rest of the time?

The rest of the time we are basically sedentary. Watching TV… Driving in the car. Sitting in front of the computer. Watching a movie. Sitting in a restaurant eating dinner.

You get the picture?

Katy teaches that this lack of steady all-day methodical movement of the body is where disease begins. She teaches us to approach everyday activities in a different way to promote better body movement in your everyday environment.

Most of us have these short bursts of “exercise” then we basically sit around doing nothing. Or at least this is how our body is registering it.

Katy does not say do not exercise of course. Do your favorite workout… Then, we can incorporate other healthy movements during the day to help our body thrive and stay healthy.


To recap:

Most of us know that getting exercise is critical to health. But what we did not learn is that this daily dose of exercise is not nearly enough to promote long-term health and thus stave off age-related disease due to a life of being sedentary.

Surprisingly that super fit toned buddy of yours who works out like crazy for an hour a day is not protected against age-related health issues if he/she spends the rest of the day sitting around in front of a computer screen, watching TV, or on a long commute.

Katy says we must learn how to protect ourselves from environmental pressures to be sedentary… some of her ideas to counter act these common movement killers will surprise you.

Find out more from Katy Bowman as she gives you fun, and creative ways to add health-promoting

movement into your daily activities.


Share this important health information with all of your friends so they can benefit too, okay?

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2 comments on “This Kind of Movement is as Essential as Eating!

  1. Corina on said:

    Kathy this is really surprising information. Maybe this is why the people I know who work out all the time are always injured. They are not involved in promoting healthy biomechanics?

    • By Kathy on said:

      Corina, yes. According to Katy Bowman, a renowned biomechanics scientist, in order to have optimum health, we need to keep certain body alignment. It’s not

      It’s so much more than posture and Katy can explain better than I can. Good luck and try some of her movements and see how you do.

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