The Sure-fire Solution to Slow Aging and Prevent Disease – Take-away Lessons From the Collapse of LeBron James

“You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you succeed – you’re not gonna succeed all the time.” ~LeBron James

Did you hear about the recent LeBron James collapse?

He suffered such severe muscle cramping that he had to be carried off the court in game 1 of the NBA finals…

…! And it was not his first collapse like this either.

While I hate hearing about the ill health of anyone, I think we can all learn from this unfortunate and preventable LeBron incident.

Turns out this kind of utter collapse is not uncommon across the board amongst professional athletes.

I’m about to share the cause and the cure to this common issue – although it’s unlikely to be taken seriously by the docs who work for pro teams.


The simple health solution everyone needs – including pro athletes like LeBron

Obviously you and I are not running around and competing like the NBA pros…

… but, you and I want to prevent disease, and slow aging, right?


Read on to see how you can learn from the colossal NBA health mistakes

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean

images (1)

The NBA coaches and doctors don’t know how to properly treat the special needs of their highly paid and valuable athletes. They are incompetent!

And it does not stop there during the time the athlete is actively playing for their team.

In fact, you will be shocked to learn that the terrible health of retired athletes is not fully revealed to us and

Dr. Carolyn explains right here.


Okay, so what do the special physical needs of athletes have to do with you and me – the non-athlete?

Let me show you how the NBA medical mess-ups can help you avoid common diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and other health issues that stem from mineral deficiencies like magnesium.

What happened to LeBron James on June 7th in the NBA finals did not need to happen, and it shouldn’t have to happen to any athlete.

My friend, Dr. Carolyn Dean both a medical doctor and a naturopath has worked closely with athletes throughout her long 40+ year career. And she is quite familiar with their extensive needs to stay healthy as they play in their chosen sport.

So, when she heard how LeBron James had to be carried off the court on June 7th from extreme muscle cramps, she knew right away what could have helped him then, and what could have prevented his crippling cramps.

In a word – MAGNESIUM

Dr. Dean tells all right here in her riveting

Natural News article


The natural mineral remedy we all need to take

Did you know that up to 80% of Americans are mineral deficient? Especially deficient in magnesium, the master mineral of the body. Without the master mineral magnesium, the other minerals cannot do their job fully. When magnesium and other critical minerals are depleted, our body cells fail to work properly, then our health suffers terribly, and disease happens.


What about magnesium in our food?

You need to realize that it’s impossible to get the proper amount of minerals from the average American diet. Most people eat processed junk that is fake food so the body gets no real nutrition that way. Then, even if we do eat produce, our soil has been so depleted, and our crops have been so high-bred and modified that the nutrition is quite lacking.

Minerals, (especially magnesium) fire up every enzymatic process in the body and without enzymes and minerals working properly together, we cannot be healthy. You couldn’t be reading this right now, and I certainly couldn’t have researched this topic and put word to paper without properly working enzymatic processes.

In fact, without lots of minerals that need to be replenished everyday, we will suffer from poor aging, and terrible disease.


The simple mineral solution for optimum health:

The simple solution is magnesium, and lots of it!

My daily dose of the master mineral magnesium and other minerals come from

Ancient Minerals

This form of magnesium can be sprayed right where it hurts, or as a way to prevent soreness and keep up your critical magnesium levels.

I use Magnesium oil to keep up my magnesium levels that keep me feeling calm, limber and free of muscle pain or cramps.

What I want you to do is to go to the page above and order a bottle or two and try it for yourself.

Every single one of us, even if we are not an athlete uses up our precious magnesium stores everyday and magnesium needs to get replenished every single day.

Ancient Minerals

Has the best form of magnesium that anyone can use easily and safely.


Best way to prevent a heart attack:

There are hundreds of benefits to you when you maximize magnesium levels, but the most important and critical benefit is to protect the heart.

images (2)

Dr. Carolyn Dean (the top magnesium expert) tells us that the heart needs and uses the most magnesium in the body. Here’s how it works.

Put simply… The heart needs to contract, and then relax, right? Magnesium helps it relax. Calcium helps it contract. If the heart cannot relax…

… Well, when the heart cannot come out of a contraction, and it becomes a prolonged contraction this is called a heart attack, obviously, not what you want.

Oh, and don’t worry about getting enough calcium. It’s super easy to get plenty of calcium from your diet. Plus, as it turns out, we only need about 700 MG of calcium per day and the body holds on to calcium tenaciously, but it burns off magnesium quite readily.

So, start beefing up your magnesium levels easily and inexpensively by using magnesium oil spray from

ancient minerals.

Go right now and get some magnesium while you’re thinking about it, okay?

And, also, I want to hear from you…

Do you suffer from muscle cramps, lots of muscle tension, sleeplessness, constipation, headaches, arthritis, and diabetes?

What are you doing about it?

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5 comments on “The Sure-fire Solution to Slow Aging and Prevent Disease – Take-away Lessons From the Collapse of LeBron James

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Thank you for this. My kids are super active, and play lots of athletics and both have lots of muscle cramping. Is there anything I can do right now while I wait for the magnesium spray I just ordered?

    • By Kathy on said:

      Hi Stephanie. I’m glad you ordered the spray. Your boys will react beautifully to this form of magnesium. Now, here’s what to do right now… It’s an old-fashioned magnesium solution our grandmothers knew about…

      Epsom salts — it works wonders, and it’s inexpensive and readily available no matter where you live.

      You need to get yourself a big supply of Epsom salts for your boys, and even for you… It’s great as a foot bath, or in a tub bath depending on your preferences.

      So, in the mean time, and here after what you can do is go to your local drug store or grocery store (Epsom salts are easily found) and get a big supply of Epsom salts. A 4 pound bag runs about $3.

      After they get home from a long day of playing outside or playing sports, throw in a couple of cups (play around withthis measurement a little less, or even a lot more) of Epsom salts in their bath. Keep them soaking for about 20 minutes and this will give them tons of relief and prevent future cramps.

      Make this Epsom salts bath a routine and it will do wonders for them in so many other ways too. And don’t forget yourself now. Take Epsom salts baths frequently.

      For us women, Epsom salts baths are our absolute best friend for stress relief, good health, and slower aging. Good luck!

  2. Charles on said:

    Is magnesium oil good for older people who are in pain?

    • By Kathy on said:

      Dear Charles. Good question. Yes, older folks will very much benefit from magnesium oil. The older we are, the more we need to supplement a lot with magnesium. So, good on you to think about helping your friend. Now, take it slow and easy. That goes for any of us of course when trying a new health regimend. Now, magnesium is very very safe. The body needs magnesium for every cellular activity, but, the body will need time to adjust to its new “normal”. Ask he/she to start with a few sprays on the area that hurts, or needs the attention. Then, try this a couple more times a day if she/he feels fine. Increase the usage over a week or so until the health complaint has deminished. But, then as a regular health prevention strategy, use the spray every day as part of everyday health. Just like brushing your teeth. Okay, hope this helps. Keep us posted!

  3. Sharlene Lewis on said:

    Hello Kathy!
    I want to thank you for giving me a sample bottle of the Ancient Minerals earlier this year. I’ve been using it with occasional back stiffness and almost instantly feel much better. As well, my pregnant upstairs neighbor was moving and spent the day climbing up and and down the stairs. The next day she could barely walk! I sprayed the back of her calves and she was vastly improved immediately.
    I’m ordering the large size now. Thank you so much for spreading the word on natural methods for keeping our wonderful bodies working as they should!


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