Extravagant health: The top 3 must-do things (the third will surprise)!

Avoid these

For extravagant health stop eating wheat, sugar and commercial dairy.

Well, my dad recently had bladder surgery…

Let me tell you… it’s interesting what you hear in a hospital waiting room…

People complaining about their own health and serious obesity issues and then they turn around and grab junk out of the vending machine.

Wow! What a disconnect!

Most people have no idea how consequential food choices really are!

If you have read this far, you are different and I hope that I can encourage you to get serious about taking charge of your health now rather than later…

Let’s see if we can side-step both scenarios I mentioned above, okay?

This means taking small “baby” steps towards health and wellness.

Now is the time, are you ready!
So, below is a good jumping off place – 3 small “baby” steps you can start taking today.

This means taking small “baby” steps towards health and wellness.

Now is the time, are you ready!

So, below is a good jumping off place – 3 small “baby” steps you can start taking today.


1.     Avoid wheat

The first thing to do for extravagant health is to stop eating wheat.

We spend much time telling you about the dangers of modern wheat in our book

The 14-day Gluten-free Guide

The  14 Day Gluten Free Guide


Look, if you have some nagging health issues why not try eliminating wheat for at least 14 days.


Gluten: the single link to many diseases

Gluten has been linked to at least 55 major chronic health issues and 99% of these folks have no idea that wheat could be the cause.

So, stop eating wheat.

This means virtually most packaged processed food since gluten is a filler in surprising foods even ice-cream, salad dressings, even stamps and envelopes…

Then, during the 14-day period, see how you feel…

After 14 days if you want to, add it back.

Again, observe your body — see how you feel.


2. Stop eating sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup HFCs )

If highly processed food is out of the diet – you have very little sugar.

And then you are less likely to develop heart disease…


Because now we know that the true cause of heart disease is SUGAR!

You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about when you read this powerful article

getting off Twinkies will be easy when you hear this!

Again, sugar like high fructose corn sugar (HFCS) is in virtually all processed food so you need to be eating fresh whole food that your grandmother would recognize.


3. Avoid conventional dairy (controversial)!

If you have conventional dairy in your diet, (pasteurized, homogenized even ultra-pasteurized organic dairy) you need to rethink this.

Conventional dairy is simply one of the most

toxic food I know of

The link above takes you to a revealing video that shows how factory farms treat dairy cows.

The horrible sludge that passes for milk must be pasteurized.

Even “organic” milk that is ultra-pasteurized is even more dangerous for two reasons…

  1. Ultra pasteurization is done at very high temperatures which damages the proteins. Then the damaged proteins go undigested and could contribute to the leaky gut syndrome problem most people have.
  2. Secondly, the dairy processors pour super-hot pasteurized milk into the plastic lined cartons which we all know is a no-no. Heat and plastic is not safe do to the BPA chemicals leeching into the milk.

Jim and I have not purchased conventional dairy in several years.

We only use raw unpasteurized dairy and not very much of it.

(raw dairy oes not come from abused and horribly sick dairy cows so the milk can be safely consumed raw and unpasteurized which means we get all of the good enzymes and vitamins found naturally in cow’s milk)

We mostly use raw milk to make kefir which is a rich source of natural probiotics and much less expensive to make ourselves.

And we also enjoy certain cheese especially Gouda because it is known for a high level of vitamin K2 (a very difficult vitamin to obtain from food).

So, there you go.

3 small important steps you can begin to use to shift your health.

Now it’s all of to you… Make it happen!

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