Chocolate Banana Pops

For future use download your personal copy of this decadent dessert!

Want to know how to make a super healthy frozen banana? It takes about a minute to prepare and using the “right” healthy ingredients is the way to stop eating junk.

Want to know how to make a super healthy frozen banana? It takes about a minute to prepare and using the “right” healthy ingredients is the way to stop eating junk.

… Know anyone who loves chocolate?

I know. I know… a silly question indeed…

So, since everyone you know loves chocolate, what are you waiting for?

Make this one today!

Look, the secret trick to healthy eating forever… With no deprivation is “to make your own”!!!

Try it! When you make your own super healthy decadent treats you are never tempted to eat the junk…

This way we never have that over-full sugar rush that comes with most commercially made desserts.

Not to mention the cardiac issues we are avoiding as well

Anyway, in our new, successful book called The 14-day Guide,

My co-author, Roz and I show you a lot of gluten-free, decadent and easy desserts people line up for.

Look, both of us dislike long and complicated recipes, and so don’t worry about that… Eating gluten-free our way will not take all day.

This one takes just 1 minute to prepare, and it’s packed with chocolaty goodness, a big dose of healthy magnesium, and I guarantee your friends and family will line up for it!


Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Serves two

(Freezing the bananas doesn’t count in the time factor because you can and should do it the day before and have on hand for everything from smoothies to this easy, decadent treat) So freeze your bananas now)!

What you need

  1. 1 large medium banana, (ripe but firm)
  2. Two wooden craft sticks, chop sticks
  3. 2 TBSP cacao powder (or more if you’re like me and you LOVE chocolate)!
  4. 3 TBSP coconut oil
  5. ½ tsp. (or to taste) Stevia or Maple Syrup

What to do

  1. Peel the banana, then cut crosswise and insert a stick into each half,
  2. Place on a plate and cover with plastic wrap. Leave in the fridge until frozen, about 3 hours, (best to freeze the day before, or have several of these frozen babies on hand for when you want to have this dessert!
  3. When your bananas are frozen and ready, mix the three ingredients in a small shallow dish and then get your frozen bananas from the freezer and dip and coat them and if you wish, go ahead and sprinkle on your favorite yummy crunchy stuff like unsweetened coconut flakes, or ground nuts, or dark chocolate chips, etc… get creative!

(my personal favorite toppings are ground almonds or unsweetened shredded coconut)


Note: The advantage to using coconut oil (beyond the wildly amazing nutritional benefits) is that it will harden quickly around the frozen banana. You can either eat this dessert immediately or place the chocolate covered goodies on a tray covered in waxed paper, and place back in the freezer to have later, if you can wait!

Crunchy, creamy and so tasty!

FYI, if you are a chocolate craver and not just a chocolate lover, did you know that you are likely craving the magnesium in chocolate?

Interestingly, over 75% of us are seriously magnesium deficient.


P.S. – FYI, when you see most restaurant desserts and how caloric they are, you will surely think twice and thank us for offering better options.

Here’s one example that will blow your mind:

Here in Southern CA is a well-known restaurant called, Outback Steakhouse…

Anyway, one of the most popular desserts is called: Chocolate Thunder from Down Under…

This crazy thing has a shocking 1,550 calories, (for some this is their whole daily caloric requirement)! And 106 grams of fat, (and it’s no doubt mostly dangerous, man-made trans fat) and 562 milligrams of dangerous sodium from table salt.

C’mon, avoid the bloat and the terrible health issues by grabbing

The 14-day gluten-free Guide

The  14 Day Gluten Free Guide



For future use download your personal copy of this decadent dessert!

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6 comments on “Chocolate Banana Pops

  1. Cortiny on said:

    Can’t wait to try these. Perfect for summer!

  2. Teresa on said:

    I love quick easy desserts that my whole family will like. Thank you!

  3. Dahn on said:

    What is the best cacao to use?

    • By Kathy on said:

      Get the best organic unprocessed cacao powder you can afford. Health food stores have a good selection. The once you find at the regular conventional super market are not healthy because they are treated with chemicals etc.

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