Bright Line Eating: What if you’ve been blaming the wrong thing?

It’s not your fault you cannot stop eating the wrong foods. It could be the way your brain is wired. You can change that and finally lose weight!

It’s not your fault you cannot stop eating the wrong foods. It could be the way your brain is wired. You can change that and finally lose weight!

Do you know the true cause of your weight struggles?

… The true cause of your food addiction?

… The true cause of all of your binging on food?

What if you are blaming the wrong thing?

Blaming the wrong thing

What if all of your life you have struggled with your weight?

And everyone, including you is blaming the wrong cause of your weight struggle…

If you are blaming yourself, and your lack of will power, sorry, but none of these things are the true cause of your overweight and food addiction.

Here’s proof:

Survey reveals doctor’s true feelings about overweight patients

Before I tell you the true block to your overweight, check this…

In an anonymous survey given to doctors and other health professionals their true

feelings about their overweight and obese patients came out.

The survey showed:

  • Patients are just lazy
  • Patients have no will power!
  • Overweight patients just EAT too much!

The real truth

What your doctor or health professional believes about the cause of your overweight is pure crap!

Even worse, most overweight people secretly believe this of themselves too. They blame food addiction and their overweight on the Wrong thing.

It’s sad, but they wrongly blame themselves instead of the true cause of their addictive eating!

The true block is in your brain chemistry, and there is a fix…keep reading!

This tragic misunderstanding is personal

This terrible issue of blaming the wrong thing for overweight is real personal to me

My dear, successful, wonderful sister believes this negative crap. She has struggled with her weight since she was 10 years old.

It breaks my heart to see her beat herself up…year after year. She loses, and gains.

Loses and gains. And she wrongly and tragically blames herself for her weight struggles

Sound familiar?

The Bright Line Eating solution works!

Look, I know that none of this negativity is true, and that’s why I’ve been talking to you about Bright Line Eating.

Stop blaming the wrong thing and finally learn the true block to your food addiction and weight issues.

The badly behaving brain

Today, right now, I want you to watch a no cost, powerful webinar from my friend Dr. Susan pierce Thompson.

You’ll find out the true block to weight loss. (hint, it has nothing to do with your lack of will power)

Your dream of being healthy and having a healthy, right-sized body can be found when you see this free, very unique webinar.

>>>Watch the trailer for Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s Badly Behaving Brain webinar<<<

And see the science behind what’s preventing you and millions of people from losing weight.


With soooo much love,



P.S. — There is a life-threatening condition responsible for 63% of all deaths each year, and it’s one that few people ever really consider. It’s tearing lives apart and its devastating families. The medical establishment isn’t telling you about its true causes, or its solutions, because they simply don’t know. Welcome to the ugly reality of excess weight. The truth is the brain is blocking us from losing weight.

Today, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is releasing her free and extremely popular webinar,

The Badly Behaving Brain: Why 2 Billion People Can&#39;t Lose Weight.

Finally, you can stop blaming yourself and finally heal your food addiction, and lose your excess weight and get happy, thin and free from food addiction.


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