Food Freedom Quiz: Why You Crave Unhealthy Foods, and What To Do About It…

Look, we know more about diet and health than any population in the history of the world.

Yet, most of us are overweight or obese.


According to the latest research, it turns out that many of us are literally addicted to food.

Is it possible that you are, too?

Well, listen, there is a way out of food addiction.

My amazing friend, and colleague, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has developed a no-cost, 5-question food addiction quiz.

See how susceptible you are to the pull of certain foods.

Click here now and take 30 seconds to see how you stand!

Then, after the 5-question quiz, Susan will give you your score, and a customized Food Freedom video to help you understand what it means for your life.

Click here to take this 30-second quiz now.

Love always,



P.S. Look, how you respond to sweets, and snack foods are deeply linked to your level of susceptibility to food addiction. My friend, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has helped thousands of people from 105 countries break away from food addiction and most of them started by taking this no-cost, 30-second quiz. Now it’s your turn.

Click now to take this 30-second quiz and see how you score!

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