RESET: What this could mean to you!

In one of my emails today, someone I love to follow brought up this concept, “reset”. And I thought, wow, that’s the best word to describe what is going on with me.

A reset, a reboot, in other words, a huge change…

Listen, over the last 3 months or so my husband and I took a huge step.

After 31 years in the same wonderful, Southern California home, we decided to sell and then move 1800 miles away to Mississippi.


From California to Mississippi?

What the heck?

I know, pretty wild huh?

We moved away from our really nice home, dear family members including my remaining parent, lots of friends, our beloved church, basically everything we know and love.

So, why did we do it?

I mean, we were not moving away from anything negative.

In fact, things were going pretty well.

And for most of our family and friends, what we were doing seemed out of character, and really quite crazy.

I don’t’ blame them for their attitude.

But we knew this was the right thing for us to do.

For many, many reasons we seemed guided to make this move.

Some reasons are career, and some reasons are pure financial since MS is much more economical in terms of living expenses.

The point is, we jumped into the unknown, big time!

Now, several months later, we are in our new home, in the beautiful state of Mississippi.

Look, starting over is not easy, and we knew it wouldn’t be.

We actually did not take much from our long-time home.

And so, it’s been a month since we unloaded the small amount of furniture and boxes from the U-Haul truck.

And although we are much more settled, I still feel in many ways as though I’m still camping.

I mean, still don’t have everything arranged and unpacked fully.

It may take many months to fully get settled, make friends, and develop a daily routine that is both productive and fulfilling.

But, so far, we are deeply enjoying our new lives.

So, my question to you is, are there small things you can do to “shake” things up?

There is no need to move 1800 miles away of course, but, if you have always wanted to learn a new skill, visit a new place, have a better marriage, whatever it is…

Are you willing to take a jump into the unknown?

Think about this for yourself.

Hit reply and let me know what new adventure you would like to take.

I would love to share in your new changes!

With love,

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