What Mississippi is Missing!

When we tell people that we moved to Mississippi everyone, including those who live here in Mississippi ask one question…



Well, sometimes I can’t believe I’m in Mississippi either.

Mostly I absolutely love it!

The people here are truly welcoming and I can say that the “southern” hospitality is alive and well.

But, the one thing I was concerned about really is an issue here.

I’m missing the larger number of healthy food choices in California.

Right now it’s not easy to find organic produce, and dairy products that are not ultra-pasteurized.

Luckily there is a Whole Foods nearby in Jackson, but eating healthfully takes a little more effort.

When summer comes there will be more farmers markets and local produce we can get.

Those of us who want to prepare healthy meals at home have to take a little more time and effort to eat good food.

Food that tastes good and that is nourishing.

This is a challenge no matter where we live.


Next time I’ll tell you more about my journey with the idea of gluten.

I wrote a book all about eating gluten-free.

Do I do that now?

Well, next time I’ll tell you more about that.

Stay tuned.


Talk soon,


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