Going Gluten-free, Just Because? Here’s What You Need to Know!

First, the way I see it, gluten-free eating is not a fad.

But, neither is gluten-free a cure-all or panacea.

However, what many people have found is that eliminating processed gluten for 14 days can make a difference in many health complaints.

I’m talking about eliminating highly processed foods like commercially produced and packaged desserts, pastries, cookies, crackers, boxed cereals, most commercial bread, etc.

I cover all of this in my 14-day Gluten-free Guide here.

Roz and I wrote “The 14-day Gluten-free Guide” to help others go through this short, 14-day period of eliminating gluten to see what happens.

We both found, along with thousands of others) that eliminating gluten for a while helped manage certain health issues.

Caution: our food recommendations to replace processed grains are not low carb.

Go ahead and eat rice, regular or sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and other non-gluten grains, and of course, fruits and veggies.


Who should not read this book?

Anyone with Celiac disease. This person can never, ever have gluten.

Look, if you are a person with celiac disease, you know that you can’t tolerate gluten, not even small amounts like a crouton.

For a person with celiac disease, the only effective treatment is a strict, lifelong gluten-free diet.

For the rest of us, even those who have a level of gluten sensitivity, a 14-day trial is worth doing.

Check it out here.

Next time I’ll talk about the one big mistake most people make when going gluten-free.


Bye for now,


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