Fast And Easy

As you know, we now live here in Mississippi.

I love it here.

You have no idea.

But the one California thing I still hold on to is LA radio.

And, with commercial radio, you get, well, commercials!


There’s a fast-food commercial I actually get a kick out of.

The fast-food slogan is:

“Hot and tasty, fast and easy”!

Look fast food companies usually really get the mindset of the public, and give them what they want, right?

Who doesn’t want food that is both hot and tasty, and fast and easy?

I do.

You do.

And the fast-food industry knows this.

I talk about this all the time.

That’s why I know that your mind and brain gets caught up into this food seduction.

I get it.

No blame.

And we also know damn well you and I have a choice.

You can choose to prepare meals at home.

You can choose to plan ahead.

Do some batch cooking on the weekend.

We all know this.

But, according to the stats, most don’t eat healthful, homemade meals.

Most people don’t see that they have the power to be healthy and avoid disease.

The power to be healthy is at the end of your fork.

The question is, do you want to get away from the addictive food?

Yes, certain food is designed to be addictive.

Companies spend millions in R&D for one reason.

To make food scientifically appeal to your taste buds.

Let’s talk more about this, plus, let me show you how to prepare hot and tasty, fast and easy food at home.

Reply and let me know what foods addict you.


Love always,


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