Here’s An Easy Way To Make Your Life Better

For many years now, the fruit has received a bad rap.

“Too much sugar”

I too bought the (too high-in-sugar) misguided info…

Not anymore…

There is a lot of overwhelmingly convincing scientific information that debunks the fruit bashing.

So, now we’re back to eating more fruit.

And life is soooo much more delicious!

Plus, from what I’m learning, fruit protects against many common chronic diseases.

I’m learning all of this from the whole-food, plant-based researchers.

One of them is Dr. Michael Greger.

His website is

Of course, summer has the biggest fruit bounty.

Watermelon anyone???

We like to keep a watermelon on hand to beat the heat.

We cut big slices off the rind and keep it in a big covered bowl in the fridge.

Shockingly, the two of us go through a big watermelon in a few days.

BTW, we have had no weight gain…

In fact, just the opposite and neither one of us needs to lose weight.

We eat a variety of other fruit too.

Mangoes, peaches, grapes, cherries, apples, and bananas.

However, the big powerhouse fruits we eat every single day are berries!

Especially blueberries.

You should too.

Blueberries protect against all kinds of cancers and actually help regulate blood sugar.

Did you know that’s why blueberry pancakes have a lower glycemic value?


Berries like blueberries and raspberries block starch digestion.

I encourage you to read more about the benefits of fruit and join me in delicious eating.

Next time, let me share easy ways for you to eat more fruit…


Love always,


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