The #1 Dietary Thing For Longevity!

It’s actually very simple…

For longevity, have more fruit.

That’s it…

Yes, I know that this runs contrary to the low-carbers in the room.

But good science shows that more fruit prevents most common diseases.

The science is fascinating.

But for my purposes today, let’s just look at the bottom line:

Turns out that plant-based food like fruit is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY…

One way fruits keep inflammation down is that they contain an aspirin-like substance.


You read that right.

Vegetables also have this cool aspirin-like substance.

But, with plant-based aspirin-like chemicals, you do not get the dangerous side effects that pharmaceutical-based aspirin has.

(OTC aspirin destroys the digestive tract and is no longer recommended unless you have severe cardiac issues)

But this really amazing plant chemical is safe and keeps inflammation down.

And, if you are wondering why the prevention of inflammation is so important…

According to DR. Michael Greger, and many other medical researchers, inflammation is at the root of most common diseases.

And if eating yummy fruit can help prevent disease.

Well, what is holding you back?

Also, the most powerful health benefits come from berries…

BTW, I always have frozen berries on hand.

Why frozen?

Isn’t fresh always better?

  1. Unlike frozen berries, fresh berries are extremely delicate and quite perishable.
  2. Remember, frozen tends to have more nutrition because produce is immediately flash frozen after harvest.
  3. Finally, frozen berries tend to be less expensive in the long-run.

So, throw some frozen berries in a smoothie, or for a super-healthy dessert and you are setting yourself up for long healthy life.

Also, don’t hesitate to snack on other kinds of fruit, yes even dried fruit.

I used to feel guilty about eating dried fruit which I love after dinner.

Now after reading the science I have zero guilt.

I especially enjoy dates.

They taste so good, plus they have a ton of vitamins and minerals.

Go ahead now and reply and tell me your favorite fruit.


Talk soon,


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