An easy way to “sneak” veggies into breakfast (video)

Do you secretly hate vegetables? …but we all know we need to eat them and so I have an easy solution below which will help you sneak them in, and help you lose weight too.You’re not alone… I admit that I dislike some of them… especially steamed veggies… Oh, And my idea is delicious too… you…

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Holiday Health Strategy: The Diet Solution Program Shows Us How to Not Fall Victim to Liquid Calories

Healthy Diet Solution and Tips

The Diet Solution Program has tons of holiday health strategies for you here at… Stay tuned as I bring them to you… The Diet Solution Program has a good sense of humor about alcohol, (liquid calories)… as I do too. I mean, Isabel and I are not strictly against having small amounts of alcohol if…

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Smart Holiday Diet Trick for Your Lean Body

Fast and Easy Diet Tips

Here’s a smart holiday diet trick that really works… if you use it. No need to fear holiday weight gain when you stay in touch with and all of my tricks and tips to keep your lean body… even with the holiday stress Before I share this smart diet trick to help you keep…

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The Diet Solution Program Warns Against This Common Food

I’m doing a series of holiday “Do’s and Don’ts” diet tips from The Diet Solution Program. It’s the holidays again and yes, of course we want to celebrate and have some fun with family and friends. Yet, Isabel De Los Rios and I believe there are certain foods we need to avoid at all costs,…

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The Diet Solution Program Has Holiday Diet Tips

The holidays are so much fun filled with family and friends. For those who want to get some holiday diet strategies, The Diet Solution is always there for my readers. I went to Isabel De Los Rios from The Diet Solution Program and we talked about some super healthy holiday eating strategies you can use…

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