Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight: Lean Body Advice From the Best Selling book, Wheat Belly

Are you curious to see if losing the wheat will help you lose weight? The book Wheat Belly tells us that your lean body goals are being seriously hindered by the tons of wheat you eat. Go Wheatless and Drop a Few Pounds In a fantastic new book called ==>> ”Wheat Belly” we are shown…

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The Diet Solution Program says: Eating “Gluten Free” Packaged Products May be the Main Reason You Cannot Lose Weight

  Isabel De Los Rios from the Diet Solution Program, (DSP) cautions us to LOOK out for the latest deceptive marketing (new kid on the block(… Food manufacturers are trotting out tons of gluten free packaged products. Have you seen them? Of course they are capitalizing on the gluten issue that some people really do…

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Diabetic Friendly Nachos – And Diet Solution Program Approved

Did you know that Isabel De Los Rios’s mother has reversed her type 2 diabetes through the Diet Solution Program (DSP)? It’s absolutely true. Type 2 diabetes can be completely reversed through proper eating and other lifestyle changes. It happens every day with even readers of this blog. Below is a fantastic diabetic-safe nacho recipe…

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100 calorie snacks: How’s This Working for Your Weight Management Program?

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To manage your weight, do you eat these little gems? I know…100 calories doesn’t seem like much, right? Below I’ll give you a couple good reasons why these 100 calories likely turn in to much more than 100 calories… But first I want you to know that I get why you may be struggling with…

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Quiz: Are These 7 metabolic boosters? True or False

You hear about all kinds of ways to boost the metabolism. And, you have probably tried some. No doubt you may have tried some of the ones below with in some cases, no results. This great content came across my desk from the internet’s top fitness coach, Craig Ballantyne, CTT from Turbulence Training. (For the…

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