Lean Body High Protein Fudge Bars Recipe Courtesy Prograde

As you know I write every day about ways to get a lean body. Its’ real simple. Dump the junk. And add good nutrition like high quality protein, a variety of ==>> organic produce and enjoy a wide variety of beans and certain limited grains such as quinoa, brown or wild rice… Dunk the junk Meaning,…

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From The Diet Solution Recipe File – Gluten Free Almond Cookies

Even if you do not have a gluten intolerance, eating gluten free will help you lose weight and look and feel better. This gluten and sugar free almond cookie recipe is from The Diet Solution Program (DSP). BTW, do you know about The Diet Solution Program? The DSP is everyone’s solution to this nations major…

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A Lean Body Berry Delicious Dessert

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The Environmental Group has reported that berries (especially strawberries and blue berries need to be purchased organic. I don’t blame you for being confused regarding the organic vs. conventional. To buy clean and eat safe ==>> discover why it’s not just about the pesticide issue… Berries are one of the “dirty dozen” that need to be…

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Survive Holiday Sweet Treat Attacks

Christmas Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie For Kids and Adults

What concerns you the most when it comes to holiday eating and your fitness plan? Many have shared… “Resisting holiday baked treats is hard for me.” “My weakness is all the yummy Christmas cookies.” Oh yes. Christmas cookies are my favorite TOO!! My family took great pride in baking special cookies this time of year.…

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Homemade, fluffy, Decadent Coconut Whipped Cream

A much healthier substitute for Cool-Whip and Whipped Cream Prep Time: less than 2 minutes Cook Time: none Ingredients: 1 – 14 oz. can of unsweetened coconut milk (NOT the “lite” kind!) Or find organic unsweetened coconut cream in a plastic container (much more preferable) 1 Tbsp (or to taste) of Stevia extract, 1 tsp.…

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