Video Mondays!!

Fitness information comes to us in so many ways and from so many corners that I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you some videos I have come across recently from the leading minds, and bodies, in the fitness and health world.  With that in mind, welcome to my first Video Monday. Every…

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Veggie Ceviche

I just found this really great sounding recipe from one of the Biggest Loser’s personal trainers, Kim Lyons.   You can have this on it’s own, or do as I like to do, use it to top your healthy organic mixed greens, and it’s fantastic over wile salmon mmmmm.   Tip, be sure to use…

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Easy Chocolate Banana Shake

    This is so easy, and so very healthy and satisfying. I never want you to think you can not have good tasting, yummy treats that really hit the spot and yet pack a fat burning punch that will help you get the lean body you want.This recipe meets all the criteria for just…

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