What people are saying:

I love this book! Thank you so much! I look forward to getting rid of my type 2 diabetes.

Florida, USA

I got & devoured your book! What a blessing & eye opener. Now, I feel equipped to do this right.

I did had the basics down...until I got to hidden gluten. Without this information, I was doomed to partial success which is tantamount to failure where gluten & it's affects are concerned.

When you explained the symptoms, I felt like I had been let out of a mental & emotional prison.

I am 62 & have suffered with this since my 20's! No more! And I am NOT crazy or a hypochondriac!

No more headaches & no more pain in my right hip or knuckles & my leg cramps haven't happened in more than a week. I'm so excited to see what else changes as I get the whole system into practice.

Thank you so much for the research that you put into this and the time you took to put this book together. You will bless many many people and change many many lives.

Pennsylvania, USA

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